Dallas Temperature Sensor 4 Pack

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This temperature sensor based on a Dallas 1-Wire interface can be used in combination with a Fibaro door/window sensor and the Fibaro binary sensor. The temperature range is from -10°C to +85°C with a measurement accuracy of 0.5°C. The sensor is in a transistor format.

This Z-Wave temperature sensor from Fibaro Group allows you to program a resolution of 9-12 bits. Thanks to its small dimensions, it is suitable as a temperature sensor for homes and offices. The Fibaro temperature sensor measures with an accuracy of 0.5 ° C in the range of -10 ° C to + 85 ° C. The sensor is addressed by a 64-bit code, so several sensors can be connected to a single cable at the same time and at the same time electrically powered because it requires only 3-5.5V. The sensor is intended for use with the Fibaro Universal Sensor or with the Fibaro Door / Window Sensor. The package contains 4 pieces of temperature sensor DS18B20.


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