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Note: This product is compatible with Apple Homekit, Google Home, and Alexa


  • Handy Bluetooth remote to control the Nuki Smart Lock at the touch of a button
  • Shock and water-resistant
  • Manage permissions in the Nuki app
  • Can easily be deactivated remotely if it gets lost and re-activated if required
  • Fits in even the smallest bag
  • It-Ideal to give to acquaintances or service providers
  • Compatible with any Nuki Smart Lock and usable without Bridge

As a full-fledged key replacement, the Fob locks or unlocks your door via Bluetooth at the touch of a button. Remote control for those who love simplicity.

The perfect companion to the Nuki Smart Lock

Very simple access

Do you want to grant other people access without giving them an extra key? The Nuki Fob locks and unlocks the door at the touch of a button.

Secured against loss

Never again replace keys or change locks. Simply deactivate the lost Fob in the Nuki app or through Nuki Web and you’re done.

Individual access permissions

You decide who enters your house when and how often. This makes working together with your caregiver or cleaner much easier.

An alternative for everyone

Do you have children that are too young for a smartphone or a grandmother who can’t handle her old keys anymore? The Nuki Fob is the ideal door opener for almost any kind of situation. On top of that, deactivating and replacing lost Fobs is mere child’s play compared to replacing an entire lock with all its keys.

Bye-bye, spare key

The annoying production of duplicate keys for cleaners, caregivers, or pet sitters is over – finally! Thanks to the Nuki Fob, all your contacts get convenient and controlled access to your home or apartment – permanent, temporary, or recurring. So long, lost keys.

Every feature at a glance

The annoying production of duplicate keys for cleaners caregivers or pet sitters is over - finally Thanks to the Nuki Fob all your contacts get convenient and controlled access to your home or apartment - permanent temporary or recurring. So long lost keys. The operation couldn't be easier Lock the door at the push of a button. A real-life saver if you're struggling with your key chain all the time.

Simple configuration

Access to your Smart Lock can easily be granted or removed individually on your Nuki app for any Nuki Fob.

Greater flexibility

Assign and manage up to 100 access permissions for your family, friends, guests, or babysitters.

Secure management

If a Nuki Fob gets lost, access permissions can easily and quickly be deleted using the Nuki app.

Seamless compatibility

The Nuki Fob is compatible with every Nuki Smart Lock and does not require a Nuki Bridge Wifi connection.

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