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Hey, Smart Lifers (or soon-to-be)!

It’s Luke here again from Your Smart Life. Every day I get asked about why Apple HomeKit is the framework that we recommend to our clients, and these are my top 5 reasons. 

  • User Interface

  • Apple HomeKit is easy to use, even for those with little technological capabilities. Its flawless design makes automation feel sleek & exciting. HomeKit is also beautifully designed, and makes any home more elegant. With every new IOS update, HomeKit becomes easier to use, better looking while still remaining as the top player in the smart home space. As Apple users, HomeKit provides a familiar feeling.

  • Security & Privacy

  • Apple HomeKit prioritises security. For most of us looking to embark on our own smart home journey, safety and security is usually top of mind. HomeKit focuses on data encryption and on-device data processing and storage, which drastically reduces its reliance on external servers. This means that everything is stored within the devices inside of your home. Moreover, HomeKit has a program, only allowing developers who follow Apple’s strict rules to become HomeKit compatible, so that you can be sure that anything that is HomeKit, is safe. 

  • HomeKit will embrace the Matter Standard

  • The Matter standard is a new way for developers to create products, which all use the same language to talk to each other. Apple is a strong believer and investor in Matter, which ensures that your smart home is future proof. With Matter becoming the standard for many years to come, there is no better time to get started than today. 

  • Apple Ecosystem

  • While we also service android users, we strongly encourage all of our Apple users to choose HomeKit. With the Apple Ecosystem, you are getting smooth functioning, interconnected devices, all which can be controlled with, and can control your home with just one app. 

  • HomeKit Automations!

  • Apple HomeKit allows for everything that you could ever imagine, such as asking siri to turn the lights off, unlocking your front door for the cleaners while on the other side of the world or watching your kid’s arrive home safely from school live on your iPhone while you are at work. You name it, Apple HomeKit can achieve it.

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