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Why you should choose a Smart Home in Australia

Hey, Smart Lifers (or soon-to-be)!

Luke here from YourSmartLife. I want to discuss not only the benefits of a smart home today but also the need for one. 

Convenience and Time Saving

First off, let's talk about the benefits. Smart home automation helps you live more efficiently, and comfortably. Getting home from work, sitting down to eat dinner, going to sleep. With one tap or a voice command, the lighting and all electrical components of your home can go to the scene that you have pre-programmed. For example, you are going to eat dinner. “Hey Siri, it’s dinner time” is all you need to switch on the lights around your dinner table, switch off bedroom lights and switch off the TV. The best part about it is that the scene functions can be changed at any time, simply using your phone. 

Keeping your Family & Property Safe with Smart Security

Furthermore, smart home security will thrive in your new smart home. Be notified when someone is at the door, and have a constant live stream of your home directly viewable from your phone, at any time, anywhere. Not only does this give you peace of mind while you are out, but it also allows you to know when your kids have arrived home from school when the cleaners have come and gone and so much more. Another upgrade is going from your clunky house keys to a sleek electronic padlock, with fingerprint sensors and code entries. This gives you ultimate control over your home, allowing certain people in with certain codes between certain periods of time, or changing your code whenever you want, to ensure your home is safe. 

Reducing your Carbon Footprint and Power Bills

By 2050, the Australian government has announced that they want to become fully carbon neutral. This will inevitably involve all households reducing their energy consumption drastically. At YourSmartLife, we are here to help you. Future-proofing your home is a key way to preserving its value, and also saving you money, and a headache down the track. Having the proper electrical infrastructure while the building is key to ensuring your home has all of the correct components moving into the future. When 

Impress your Friends

Ever wanted to show your friends or family that you can turn on your lights from your phone? Seriously, wouldn’t that be cool? A smart home is a great way to start a conversation and (from personal experience), always sparks curiosity from those who enter. This isn’t dumb luck, it’s because your home will become something that everyone dreams of. The ease and simplicity are mesmerising.

All of this is well and good, however, most people have no idea where to get started! Lucky for you, my team and I have spent countless hours designing and curating the perfect process to help everyone enter their very own smart life. It starts with an easy, free 30-minute online consultation to discuss what you are looking for, and before you know it, your home could be just as smart as you!

Ready to book in? Give us a call at (03) 9381 2104 or shoot us an email at support@yoursmartlife.com.au

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