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Are you paying for monitored security? How much are you paying? One popular security business charge’s $37.95 a month, that’s a whopping $455 every single year on top of an upfront fee – how much is this going to cost over the lifetime of that system? And what do you get for it? They call you if the alarm goes off, if your away they can send someone out – but for this they charge extra, all they can do is drive-by the property, they aren’t allowed to enter it, just call the police if they see someone on your property.

A modern smart security system allows you to self-monitor for no cost, your alarm system notifies you by SMS and in-app notifications if something is amiss, allowing you to check your surveillance camera’s in real time, and if you see someone on your property speak to them, or just call the police. When you think about it, this is a much more efficient system than paying a security company for monitoring, you find out instantaneously when someone is on your property, you can take action immediately with no middle man.

These security companies suck people in with a lower up-front installation cost, the catch being the 3 years minimum of monthly monitoring fee’s, resulting in customers paying around 4 times the cost of an equivalent self monitored system. That's only 3 years many people would set and forget, paying these fees for many more years with little value. Don’t get sucked in, modern smart security systems have done away with the need to pay for monitoring. Even if your away and uncontactable you can setup your system to automatically alert a friend, neighbour or relative in the event of an alarm trigger.

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