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The idea and passion for starting Your Smart Life was formed from my own personal challenge with exploring smart home automation and security options for my home extension project. I come from a technology background, and have always been quite good with setting up gadgets, however I faced a number of issues with designing my own system:

  1. Complete information overload and confusion at the number of options on offer for each device type, and trying to compare them
  2. Trouble identifying what works with what: I didn’t want to end up with 20 mobiles apps to control my smart home, trying to work out compatibility is a time consuming process and I know many people that have over time purchased separate items only to end up with separate apps for their security cameras, alarm system, climate control, smart lock etc which just makes controlling these devices overly complex, and reduces opportunities for automation between devices eg: unlocking your smart lock triggering your alarm to disarm and turning on your lights and heater.
  3. Higher end wired options that were prohibitively expensive, that I needed to rely on my installer to make any future changes to eg: simple things like changing when a light would turn on, and that I couldn’t add other smart devices I purchased myself to. You shouldn’t need to be able to afford to live in Toorak to have a smart home.

We buy our car’s pre-automated often paying more for convenience and safety packages, with auto headlights, radar cruise control that controls the speed the car, safety features that steer your car back on the road, locking systems that unlock your car when you approach, yet our home where we spend the majority of our time (particularly now in Covid times) remains in most cases a void from smart technology. I believe that the issues I’ve faced, along with ~40% of consumers who do not feel confident in setting up even the simplest connected devise are responsible for this lack of penetration, meaning we are missing out on the many benefits this technology can bring.

So hence after nearly a year of ‘drinking from the fire hose’ learning everything I could about the world of smart home automation, YourSmartLife has been born with the goal of simplifying and demystifying smart home for consumers and business, so everyone can have a smart home. We are here to make smart home automation and security simple, with our mission to improve our customers lives through four key benefits of automation:

  1. Giving you peace of mind that you, your loved ones and property are safe
  2. Helping you to save money on energy costs and reduce your environmental impact
  3. Provide convenience and time saving through smart home automation
  4. Adding a bit more fun into your life with clever gadgets

We will do this by offering packages of compatible products, and our build your own bundle range where you can choose from a series of compatible products to build your own smart system, we will test and review products before we sell them so that quality can be assured. We provide these solutions as either self-install, or we can professionally install for you including configuring to your needs and handing over so you can manage it yourself. And if you like you can continue to add more devices and functionality over time – your smart home should grow with you. Of course, we are here to help you every step of the way providing on-going support to help create your smart life!

Thanks for reading.

Luke Coulter

Founder - YourSmartLife

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